Location, Location, Location - Nothing is more important than the location you choose for your business – and the investment it requires. Whether you are new to the car wash industry or looking to expand your business, our Free, No-Obligation Site Evaluation will help you gather and analyze all the data you need to determine if your proposed site will meet the requirements of a successful car wash business.  

Our Consulting Services

While the car wash industry is known to be very lucrative, it also tends to be a little finicky. You need to carefully research traffic volume and local demographics to build a successful car wash at a good location. We help you make better business choices and set realistic expectations by using the critical information and statistics you need to perform your due diligence to make a wise business decision.

Our FREE Consultation and Site Evaluation includes:
  • A thorough review of your prospective property, including traffic ingress and egress
  • An analysis of the local demographics to investigate population dynamics and income structure
  • A traffic count analysis
  • A complete Pro Forma study to project revenue potential, startup costs and anticipated cash flows

If the numbers don’t add up for one location, we’ll keep working with you to find one that is perfect for your new car wash business.

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